The True Cost of Powering a Hot Tub: Balancing Energy Efficiency and Luxury

by May 20, 2024

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There is no better way to enjoy the spring and summer than in your own, personal hot tub,  relaxing with your friends and family. However, misconceptions about high spa running costs can force even the calmest people out of relaxation mode.

In actuality, spas only cost around one dollar per day to run, with the highest average monthly cost being $50. However, many factors can determine how much energy a hot tub uses.


Factors That Affect Hot Tub Energy Usage

There are a variety of factors that can affect the energy consumption of your hot tub, which, in turn, directly translates to how much it will cost to run your spa.  Thankfully, most of these factors are controllable.

1. Spa Size
The size of your hot tub is a crucial factor in determining energy usage. Each inch of space corresponds to water volume that will need to be heated to your desired temperature. When purchasing a hot tub, consider how many people will regularly use it to ensure that you aren’t incurring additional heating costs for excess water volume.

2. Insulation Quality
The quality of insulation within your hot tub is especially important for  energy efficiency. Proper insulation can drastically reduce heat loss from your spa, while also decreasing reliance on your spa’s heater to warm your water.  To lower the cost of owning a hot tub, be sure to seek out a model with high-quality, well-placed insulation.

3. Climate
Living in a colder climate   means more energy will be required to take your hot tub from its ambient temperature to its set temperature. Consider investing in a spa that utilizes two-way heat transfer technology between your hot tub’s shell and its internal components. This two-way warmth will keep your spa’s pumps and valves frost-free, while also using residual heat from mechanisms to warm your spa water.


Tips to Reduce Hot Tub Energy Usage

  • Purchase a tub with high-quality insulation.
  • Use a hot-tub cover designed for your specific model
  • Consider energy-efficient features such as LED lighting and efficient jet technology


With the proper technology built into your spa, you can find relaxation at a fraction of the cost.