forever floor in your backyard



Say goodbye to site set up with this long-lasting and durable, built in foundation for your spa

Setting up a site for your hot tub can be tedious, complicated, and costly. However, with Arctic Spas’ innovative Forever Floor™ technology, site set up is built right into your hot tub! Forever Floor™ takes away any additional cost and hassle from your spa buying experience, ensuring that you can focus on what matters: relaxation. 

Still skeptical? Don’t worry! We will be comparing recommended site set up options to our own Forever Floor™, highlighting the integral nature of proper hot tub support. 

First and foremost, site set ups require solid, level ground created by a foundation that supports 4,000 – 5,000 lbs. (1815Kg –  2268Kg) of weight (being the approximate weight of your hot tub when filled with water). Because of the needed strength underneath a hot tub, few materials can provide the proper base for your spa. 

Let’s review your best options.

Poured Concrete Footprint 

A poured concrete footprint is a top choice for site set up due to its robust strength and durability. Additionally, concrete pads can be poured in customizable shapes to match the size of your spa, and overall backyard design. However, when considering a concrete pad, it is important to note that not just any type will do. When preparing a site specifically for hot tub installment, it is necessary to ensure that your concrete’s strength (or mPA) is over 25.

In addition to this rating, your hot tub pad will need to be 4” – 6” (10cm – 15cm) in thickness and include 12” (30cm) rebar centers, creating additional costs and labor fees. If you do decide a concrete pad is most optimal for your backyard, it is also best to obtain a minimum of two quotes from concrete contractors as price for product often varies. Concrete pads, although durable, are considered a costly and installment intensive site set up option.

Customized Site Prep

Another option to prepare your backyard for spa installment, is customized site prep. This option requires different materials and labor than that of a concrete pad, but allows for a personalized touch, producing a more refined outcome. During this process, you will need to mark your layout, excavate grass and topsoil, and frame the area in which your hot tub will be placed. Additionally, it is imperative that a layer of road crush is added and compacted to ensure your hot tub will sit on a firm and even surface. Because this process is labor and material intensive, this build can cost several hundred dollars, depending on location, environment, and market.




Prefabricated Pad

Depending on your spa and dealer, your seller may offer a high-density Polyethylene pad to rest your new hot tub on. Although this saves you time sourcing site prep materials, this doesn’t mean this option is completely hassle free. To increase the integrity and stability of this pad, you will still need to dig out the grass and topsoil, ensuring the prefabricated pad is positioned properly, adding additional cost to your project build.  

Deck Surface

Another feasible option for site set up, is the use of your deck to level and support. However, not all decks have the proper tensile strength to support a full hot tub and its occupants, which is why we highly recommend a full site inspection prior to installation. Although this option requires less time and money than prefabricated, personalized, and concrete pads, it still calls for thorough investigation of your deck, creating potential renovation costs in the future. 

Then, there’s Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas Forever Floor® is unlike any hot tub base in the industry. This intentional and innovative technology completely removes the need for site set up, requiring only firm and level ground.  Composed of SMC Fiberglass composites, Forever Floor™ is impervious to moisture, pests, and time. Because of this material’s unmatched durability, there is also no risk of degradation or cracking. In fact, we believe in our Forever Floor™ so much so that we offer an unprecedented Lifetime Warranty when you buy one of our Custom Series hot tubs or upgrades. 

Finally, this Arctic Spas exclusive flooring option saves you hundreds to thousands of dollars in up front foundation building and future repair costs to repair improper or compromised site set ups. We’d rather see you keep that money in your pocket, while knowing that our floor will go the distance.

With a Forever Floor™ from Arctic Spas, you can trust your spa will remain hassle free and level FOREVER. 

**Please note that the Forever Floor™ option is only included in select All-Weather Pool models. Due to size and dimension, pools without  Forever Floor™ require site set up and support to uphold warranty conditions.