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Get Ready For Summer With a Swim Spa Fitness Kit!

by | May 16, 2023

With summer just around the corner, you may want to get in shape and start exercising to prepare. With the addition of the Swim Spa Rowing Exercise Kit, you’ll be able to train for crew or simply build endurance and full body strength year-round in your Swim Spa.

The Benefits Of Water Rowing

Your All Weather Pool is not only a great way to entertain your family and guests, but you can reap the health benefits of staying active through swimming and rowing with the fitness kit! Water exercise has shown through research that it can improve your strength, body composition, muscle power, and even your flexibility.

Rowing is a wonderful way to get exercise in your spa. Aquatic exercise is easier on your joints and the warm water will have you looking forward to your fitness routine. You can pair rowing with swimming or use it as a standalone exercise. As this is a full-body activity, you’ll engage your arms, shoulders, torso, and legs.

What’s Included in the Fitness Kit?

After learning about the benefits of aquatic exercise and how a fitness kit can benefit you, you may be wondering what’s included. With all of the following attachments, you’ll be sure that you can get fit while having fun in your swim spa.

  • 2 x 316 Stainless Steel Row Bars
  • 2 x 316 Stainless Steel Wall Mating Clips.
  • 4 x 316 Stainless Steel Attachment Pad Eyes for Accessories
  • 2 x 44″ Blue Latex Bands with Locking Tongue Hooks
  • 2 x 36″ Blue Latex Bands with Locking Tongue Hooks
  • 2 x 18″ Blue Latex Bands with Locking Tongue Hooks
  • 2 x Ankle/Wrist Bands with Loop Clips
  • 2 x Handle Clips with Loop Clips
  • 1 x High Strength Neoprene UV Treated Swim/Walk Belt Adjustable from 18-56″
  • Vinyl Carrying Bag with Straps
swim spa fitness kit


Installation is a breeze with our fitness kit. You simply need to follow the instructions and the equipment will easily attach to your backyard swim spa. Thread each rowing arm into the connector, then you can thread each connector into your tub.

To use the rowing option, shorter bungee cords are used to connect the rowing arms together on the metal loops close to the handles. There are three different lengths to ensure anyone can use this equipment, all you need to do is choose the size that suits you best.

Next, simply attach one side of the longer bungee cords (2 of them) to the loops close to the handle, and then connect the other end to the spa itself. You can vary the resistance with different-sized cords. Simply sit on the step while holding the rowing handles, put your feet in the footholds, and you’re ready to row!

With the addition of the fitness kit and our All Weather Pools, you’ll be able to heal your body, get fit & feel great, anytime!